D Coin Digital Currency Resources & Links

D Coin Digital Currency Resoures.

At D Coin we don't just offer a complete, managed cryptocurrency trading and mining solution, we want to empower you to learn and use digital currency in your everyday life.

When you become a client of D Coin, you get access to our secure dashboard which will allow you to view and track your account. Here, you will be able to view your account, individual coin transactions, graph of your holdings and your personal details. We are adding features soon to ensure it is a cutting edge custom made tool for our clients.

Along with development of our own digital currency dashboard, we also use many professional cryptocurrency resources.

We provide our customers with education in using these platforms, so you are involved and learn about digital currency as well.

Coin Resources

www.CoinMarketCap.com – Great site outlining (most) all of the known coins with an amazing amount of current and historical information and links about each coin. D Coin uses CoinMarketCap to provide underlying valuation and pricing details for our clients holdings and crypto mining operations.

www.CryptoCompare.com – Very valuable resource with an amazing amount of data and resources listing and comparing everything in the digital currency space including Coins, Exchanges, Mining companies, equipment, pools, profitability calculators, Wallets, debit cards and much much more.

www.ShapeShift.io - Extremely useful service that enables you to quickly and easily exchange, swap or trade your value between different coins. ShapeShift is built into the www.Exodus.io wallet.

D Coin expert traders take all the work and worry out of trading in digital currency. We watch the cryptocurrency markets and use proprietary strategies to maximise profits and minimise risk.

Some Online Australian Exchanges


  • Too many coins to list
  • Easy & convenient
  • Higher fees 2% to 3%


  • Low fees .22% to .85%


  • Bitcoin only
  • Easy & convenient
  • Coinjar Swipe debit card for EFTPOS and ATM access to your digital currency


  • Limited Coins
  • No trading fees

Paying Bills and Bank Deposits

www.LivingRoomOfSatoshi.com – Very useful service that enables Australians to pay bills using BPAY or easily transfer most popular digital currencies into any Australian Bank via direct credit.

Industry body

www.adca.asn.au – The Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct establishes best-practice standards for digital currency businesses in Australia. ADCA Certified digital currency businesses offer peace of mind to consumers as they have passed an external audit demonstrating compliance with these standards. DCOIN is a member.

Our own general manager and co-founder, Michael Whitehorn is an advisory council member. Read more here about the D Coin membership.