Calling All Australian Crypto Miners. We have an offer you can’t refuse

If you are crypto mining anywhere in or outside Australia we want to hear from you. Why?

We at D Coin have access to a portfolio of Western Australia based renewable and traditional energy (available for miners at Wholesale energy pricing) combined with our own designed containerised crypto hosting solution (we call MegaPods).

This unique combined offering will make available for the first time in Australia globally competitive electricity and professional hosting and management specifically for crypto.

Our MegaPods can house any type of miner from the Bitmain style tube through to GPU rigs (and anything in between). If you have 1 miner to 1,000’s our hosting solution IS for you, saving you significant $, time and hassle.

We are deploying our solution in stages over the next few weeks, so to get the most from your mining investment contact us immediately to participate.

Send Email to: Please include the following information: Name, Email, Mobile, Description & quantity of miners to be hosted, Where are you currently hosting your miners and Current electricity cost. Or complete the simple form below, or call: 08 6117 0888

Read more about our miner hosting program here.

Fill in your miner information;

The Ultimate Mining Hosting Service

D Coin MegaPod Mining Bays D Coin MegaPod Container Design

D Coin's own Michael Whitehorn with some of our crypto mining racks and hardware.

Image courtesy Business News Western Australia read article here - Perth crypto innovators crack the code

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