About D Coin, Local Perth Facility and Team

About D Coin Team and Local Perth Facility

Established in 2017, D Coin aims to enable all levels of people to enter the exciting cryptocurrency marketplace with minimal risk.

The D Coin team is highly skilled and trained in all facets of IT, digital currencies, trading, crypto mining and perfectly suited to driving maximum returns for all clients.

As a valued client of ours, you are also welcome to see the facility and cryptocurrency mining equipment to see how it all works.

There is no other company in Australia which offers you the unique opportunity to actually come and see what we are doing, and meet the local team.

We are really passionate about what we do here, and we even have invested our own money in our projects.

The D Coin Coin Mining and Cryptocurrency Trading Facility, Perth Western Australia

Not just a website or a rented office somewhere…

As part of the DC Two group of companies, D Coin enjoys full access to several established and operational physical data centres that underpin the hosting of our fleet of mining computers. These solid and reliable existing data centres can easily provide over 1,000 racks of space with many megawatts of power capacity to allow the hosted miners unabated growth. With more sites on the development roadmap, future growth can be ensured.

One of the racks full of D Coin mining systems for GPU coin mining
Inside D Coin's Cryptocurrency Mining Machine
D Coin Bitmain Antminer miner setup for mining scrypt based coins such as Litecoin
Serious cooling fans for each cryptocurrency mining computer
Each D Coin miner has 6 GPU
The D Coin mining machines have high spec graphics cards for optimised GPU bitcoin mining
D Coin is hosted in DC Two's local Osborne Park data centre
DC Two data centre has sophisticated infrastructure and redundancies
The DC Two data centre has  back up redundancy for all systems

D Coin enjoys full access to several established and operational physical data centres that underpin the hosting of our fleet of mining computers.

What others might offer

There are many other players out there in the digital currency space and unfortunately for the average person, they generally only focus on one specific area, and not a complete holistic overview of the entire spectrum of the market like our service.

Some offer mining only – such as cloud mining contracts or dedicated hosting services, the choices are limited which by nature limits your capacity to earn a full return.

Some offer trading – trading can offer some good returns but again leaves much margin and profit ‘on the table’.

Others keep their tricks to themselves - Not many offer to share their knowledge and provide guidance to actually make crypto a part of everyday life.

The key differentiator that the D Coin service enables is that we undertake ALL of these activities, not just some of them.

Real People, Passionate About Digital Currency

Our team is local, on the ground here in Perth, Western Australia to assist you with all of your digital currency needs. Come in, have a coffee and a chat with one our friendly team members. Learn how we can help you with your requirements.

We also have a phone number and we are not afraid to use it. This may sound like a strange concept to all other digital currency businesses as most go out of their way to ensure that their clients cannot find any contact numbers for them. They point you to their support pages on their website instead of trying to solve your issues and problems.

Justin D Coin's Managing Director Justin – Managing Director & Founder
Michael D Coin's General Manager and Co-Founder Michael – General Manager & Co-Founder
Mark D Coin's Technology Manager Mark – Technology Manager
Shannon D Coin's Coin Mining Engineer Shannon – Mining Engineer
Ryan D Coin's Lead Developer Ryan – Lead Developer
Heather D Coin's Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Marketing Heather – Web Developer & Graphic Designer
Duane Authorised Representative Duane – Authorised Representative
Rebecca D Coin's Client Liaison Rebecca – Client Liaison & Procurement
Don D Coin's Lead Network Engineer Don – Lead Network Engineer
Linley D Coin's Accounts and Admin Linley – Accounts & Admin